7 on 7

It's time to Level Up! Looking for a 7 on 7 team to compete with in the Nations biggest 7 on 7 Tournaments? Level Up Elites 7 on 7 travel team is the program for you! Level Up Elites 7 on 7 travel team program organizes renegade teams made up of athletes from all around the world. We provide these individuals, who don not have a 7 on 7 team competing in the Nations biggest tournaments, the opportunity to compete, develop skill and gain exposure!

How it works:

Fill out the nomination form below. Our staff will then review the information you have provided and contact each athlete individually until we have sufficient numbers to compete in an upcoming tournament. 

*If you DO NOT have a team, fill out the nomination form below!

Which Tournaments:

We are only committed to the biggest and best 7 on 7 tournaments in the country! The Pylon, Players of the Future, MLUYFI, Ruckus are just a few examples of the tournaments we will be competing in. Each tournament we select will have elite competition, media exposure and great coaching!

Level Up Championships: 2019 Pylon Utah Regional Champions, 2018 USC 7v7 Champions, 2018 Dixie State University 7v7 Champions, 2019 Players of the Future Arizona Region Champions, 2018 Dixie State University J.V. 7v7 Champions, 2018 MLUYFI Utah Region Champions, 2019 12 Tip Top Tournament Champions