DB Recruiting

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Level Up Elites is pleased to announce our partnership with @db_recruits!

DB Recruits is a recruiting page on Twitter dedicated to promoting Defensive Backs ONLY! DB Recruits together with Level Up Elites are connected to over 100 D1, D2, NAIA and Junior Colleges around the country!

Sign up now and get your highlights posted on the DB Recruit Page! Submit your information below and DB Recruits will post your information as well as your highlights on the @db_recruits page! *Remember this is for Defensive Backs ONLY. Sign up now and we will add you to the DB Recruiting List where you will be evaluated and ranked according to your strengths! Joining the DB Recruiting List makes it easier for college coaches to find more specific system players for their programs.

Why join DB Recruits? It is a twitter page dedicated to Defensive Backs! Other recruiting pages are full of way too many recruits, which makes it hard for college coaches to find exactly what they are looking for. With @db_recruits we cater to Defensive Backs only, the sole purpose will be to find you a school you can fit into! Join Now and become a true DB Recruit!